Example instructions for Generation:
  "Generate a new section with the plan name Section A-A' and number 1070_55_7667"
  "Create a temporary floor plan with information about the current selection"
  "Produce all views for the detailed design phase"

Example instructions for Annotation:
  "Annotate all doors in the current design"
  "Complement all visible tags with this parameter"
  "Hide this information from the current annotation"

Example instructions for Comparison:
  "Show me the differences between this drawing and this older drawing"
  "Compare the data from this list with this other list"
  "What is the difference between my drawing and this autocad document?"

Example instructions for Synchronization:
  "Synchronise the list with an external list"
  "Copy the contents of this drawing to another drawing"
  "Make sure that the active list is the same as the other list"