Berlin (DE)

Feb 03, 2018

Lunar, the library for Parametric Design

Lunar assists in the process of understanding the design nodes that hide behind the interfaces of graphical programming languages. The geometric methods, as presented in this book, live separate from existing software solutions to allow a flexible translation between the digital design solutions you already know and the ones that still need to be invented.

In a professional context, designers don't always have the freedom to choose their design tools. It is necessary to speak an algorithmic vocabulary that translates to these crude virtual instruments.

The book takes you along the core foundations of 3D vectors mathematics, mesh development and pattern generation. It provides the necessary vocabulary to boost your computational design journey, independent of the tools available.


Lunar is available as an ebook and as an extention library for the Creative Coding frameworks Processing 3 and P5js. Additional libraries for the Creative Coding framework OpenRNDR are currently in development.