Bratislava (SL)

Mai 28, 2018

Organic Shapes for the Masses

The hackaton of the Sensorium Festival 2018 seeks to find harmony between the contrasting worlds of dance performance and digital coding. In the spirit of this task, an installation came to life in which visitors gained the opportunity to generate complex three-dimensional shapes using their own body movement.

The prototype reads movement from webcam footage using frame-differencing, building up a point cloud in the process. This data becomes a solid shape with the use of ball-pivot algorithms. The generator reads the location, intensity and curvature of the movement.


The project was designed and build during the 4-day of the Choreographic Coding Lab 2018 and displayed at the first official day of Sensorium Festival 2018. The input data is generated in collaboration with choreographer and visual artist Eunji Sung.